10 August 2008

A Brief Sarcastic Comment

I've been reading various comments on "L'Affaire Edwards" - by which I mean readers' comments to blogs and news articles.

The usual two camps are talking past one another pretty much throughout the blogosphere:

Camp One: It's their own business! Respect their privacy! It's a non-issue! It has nothing to do with anything else!

Camp Two: It's NOT their own business, nor is it private; THEY made it public. It is NOT a non-issue; it shows, at minimum, a serious lapse in judgment, compounded by dishonesty.

I fall into Camp Two, pretty obviously. But since both camps really are talking at one another rather than with one another, a bit of meta-analysis would come in handy for spectators lacking a program.

This, I hasten to add, is purely my opinion. However, I put a fair amount of credence in it.

Camp One, if you inspect them closely, will almost certainly turn out to be made up of people who are doing exactly the same thing themselves; or have done it; or are planning to do it; or would do it in a heartbeat if given half a chance.

Camp Two, likewise scrutinized, will turn out with almost equal certitude to be made up of people who have had exactly the same thing done to them, or to a parent, sibling, friend or other loved one, and have no illusions about the pain it causes and the damage it does.

In other words: any debate about behavior that can be considered abusive, will often reveal who sympathizes with the abuser. Pay very close attention: it's important.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have piqued my interest. At the risk of sounding ignorant, and out of the loop, could you please include a link to further information on this topic.


10 August, 2008 19:37  
Blogger Stormchild said...

Hi Meg

You're in OZ, so it probably hasn't made much of a news splash there.

Former VP candidate John Edwards - who recently ran for President during the primary elections, despite the recurrence of his wife's cancer - admitted this weekend to having an affair with a woman who was hired to make campaign videos for him. Said woman now has baby, paternity as yet undetermined [DNA-labwise]. Said woman also has $100K (+) payments from Edwards campaign money.

Edwards and wife made much public ado about their marriage during his campaign, and apparently his wife was already aware of the affair at that time, but was told it had ended [of course]. The real kicker here is that she has cancer. Had it then, too. And it was much talked about, at the time, by him.

Here's a reasonably politically neutral link, with more than enough reader comments to give you a look at both camps talking past one another: article also links to video of him disclosing this on interview.


... Caveat: I'm not discussing this from a political angle, but from a psychological angle. Had a politician from the opposing party done all this, I'd be discussing it the same way here.

10 August, 2008 21:05  
Blogger CZBZ said...

And pay very close attention to people who suggest "Love and sex are not the same thing."


15 August, 2008 00:50  
Blogger Stormchild said...


Oh yes indeedy, do.

Funny how often they telegraph their punches.

No, strike that. It's not funny at all.



15 August, 2008 23:06  

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