06 April 2009

Site Administrators Discussing CyberBullies

I wish I could remember how I found this discussion thread. It is a priceless description of the phenomenon of 'gang creation' by bullies in online environments, and I stumbled across it within the past few weeks.

Bookmarked it immediately. It's solid gold.

If I'd seen it when it was first written, I'd have been spared much soul-searching with regard to some of my own experiences.

On the other hand, the validation is - again - priceless. This is coming from site admins. These are people who've pretty much seen it all. And what they're seeing is -

- well, go take a look, and let them tell you.

And may you find it as comforting, and validating, and healing as I have.

It's all there. Every single bit of it.

here it is.


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