21 August 2009

Two "L"s are Missing

A few days ago I was riding public transportation and saw a woman, about my age, wearing a very nostalgia-making necklace:

It said


with diamonds on it.

It was a very pretty thing.

I remembered when those necklaces first became popular... and wondered if this woman was wearing a long-prized sentimental treasure, or a recent 'retro' purchase.

Then I remembered how ambivalent my younger self would feel when I saw women wearing this statement - and how puzzled I was by that ambivalence.

What's not to like about living life to the fullest with humor and caring? Why did I have that little 'check' in my response, when enthusiastic agreement would have been the natural reaction?

I never did figure it out, back then, but musing on it all these years later, something occurred to me.

There ought to be a fourth and fifth "L" there.

It ought to say:


... because without those last two, the other three can be dangerously deceptive.


Edit in:

I just realized...

This is the 200th post I've published on Gale Warnings.

Its three-year anniversary was August 2.

SiteMeter tells me that a fair number of folks come here as a result of searches on specific issues, issues that are usually painful to confront and deal with.

SiteMeter also tells me that folks come here from places as far-flung as Finland and the Canary Islands, South Africa and New Zealand, Thailand and Japan; and all over North and South America, from Venezuela to Maine to Washington State to Saskatchewan to Alaska. Some folks stop in once; some 'check in' from time to time; some are 'regulars'.

Welcome, and peace to you, each and every one. I hope that what I share on my journey will give you validation and support in your own.


Blogger CZBZ said...

Congratulations on maintaining your blog for three years, Stormchild. I appreciate your willingness to share your life and your knowledge.

I could read books all day long, but learning from 'friends' who share their "experience, strength and wisdom" (and yes, their mistakes) is life-changing because it touches my heart. Book knowledge is essential but learning from other people's experience is invaluable.

Thank you!

CZ (in Texas at the moment)

22 August, 2009 12:55  
Blogger Stormchild said...

Thanks CZ! Comng from a long term survivor, blogger and Webmistress like yourself, that's high praise indeed.

It's hard for me to believe it's been three years.

But good grief, I only just realized I've never updated the WON Link here, to point to your new board. Talked about the new board, put a link to it somewhere else here for sure. Thought I had that all tidied up, but I wuz wrong.

... So.

It'll happen.



22 August, 2009 14:30  
Blogger Stormchild said...

Et voila, it's done. :-) Fixed and tested [natch].

Thanks again CZ. You've been a tremendous inspiration to me, and I want you to know it in no uncertain terms. As a reader of your blog, I don't just get my regular ration of good art... and good writing... I watch you handle unbelievably complicated, crazy-making stuff with humor and grace. It's a privilege to be witness to your unfolding story.

May you be blessed as deeply and richly as you are a blessing.


22 August, 2009 14:46  
Blogger CZBZ said...

Thank you Stormchild! I will accept your compliment without the usual female rebuff, “Ah, I’m not that inspirational! Why just the other day, you shoulda see how bad I screwed up!”

I am touched to know my relatively boring and simple life is interesting, even inspiring to someone else.

To my surprise, we’re never alone in our experiences…there are thousands of people suffering similar problems in their lives. Were it not for the Internet, I’d never have known that. So thanks to you too, for helping me step out of my parochial isolation and into the global community.

Live, Love, Laugh. Look and Learn.

Maybe for me, it should be in this order: "Look and Learn. Then you can truly Live, Love and Laugh most heartily."


p.s. Thanks for the link to our forum. We're kinda slow these days, but we're thorough. ;-)

31 August, 2009 20:33  

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