30 November 2007

An Embarrassment of Riches

Every now and then, the universe serves up a smorgasbord, and there is absolutely nothing needed to garnish it.

Please, please go here and there, and read this, that, and the other. You will be glad you did.

Kathy Krajco, yesterday,

'Anna Valerious', today,

CZBZ, yesterday.

Real synchronicity is a beautiful thing.


Anonymous jordie said...

I thought you might be interested in this web-page.


This is from a tv series about a group of women who visited a benedictine abbey for a month to experience the life of a nun. It was an amazing look at what I would otherwise have dismissed as uber-religious twaddle.

I am not a catholic or anglican and I would not normally consider the life of either nuns or monks as being particularly 'christian', but I have to say, these lovely nuns had such a beautiful attitude to the sufferings of others. Their attitude about listening, and accepting other's anger is particularly gratifying to somebody who has had little of either from fellow christians who are more likely to tell me to 'get over it' than be willing to hear my story.

This is sort of off-topic, but I thought you may be encouraged by some of 'sister Hilda's' wisdom.

03 December, 2007 03:50  

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