15 September 2009


I have not been blogging much recently...

because multiple simultaneous good things have been happening to me in 3D,

and I'm surprised [my usual luck is anything but good, and distressingly reliable in that respect],

and, truth to tell, a bit embarrassed [wonderful. The economy is in the toilet, droves of people are suffering, so now... I get a major break. Several major breaks. Oh, lovely].

I've got a bit of sorting out to do. Schedule changes [major]. Lifestyle changes [likewise]. Other stuff [personal].

God willing, I'll be back in a few weeks, maybe sooner.

To be continued...


Blogger CZBZ said...

What a cliffhanger...???

I love good news. When you're ready to share, I'm ALL ears!!

You will be MISSED, but first things first. Congratulations, Stormchild...



17 September, 2009 00:16  

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