14 May 2008

In Memoriam - Kathy Krajco

Kathy Krajco, author of the blog "What Makes Narcissists Tick" [see link at left], has passed away unexpectedly.
JANESVILLE- Kathy S. Krajco, age 56, of Janesville, died unexpectedly in her home. She will be missed by those whose lives she touched. She was born in Richland Center on April 12, 1952, the daughter of Frank and Adeline C. (Cervenka) Krajco, who preceded her in death.

Kathy loved the companionship of her dog, Pierre. She is survived by her sister, Terese Krajco of Janesville; many uncles, aunts, cousins, other relatives and friends.

A private memorial service will be held ...
I knew her only from her blogging, but that was enough to show her as a brave and stalwart woman, a kind and patient teacher, dedicated to truth, and trying to make the world a safer and saner place for victims of emotional abuse.

It's hard to come to terms with the fact that she is gone. The world, and certainly the blogosphere, will be a much poorer place without her.

May her words live on, and may she rest in God's love.


Anonymous Jordie said...

Yes, this is something of a shock. I had a bad feeling when I saw she hadn't posted in a few weeks since it wasn't like her at all. Who knew.

I hope they keep the blog on the air because the archives have so much valuable information. I always liked her straightforward, no-nonsense approach, and her ability to cut through the crap. Look at her stuff on forgiveness, especially where she is arguing with commenters, and she is as relentless as a rottweiler. I believe she is in heaven, even though she made comments about not believing in God, I think it was the religious abusive god we have all come to despise which she hated. The true God hates him too.

14 May, 2008 23:36  
Blogger CZBZ said...

I've been trying to cope with Kathy's death ever since reading about her passing on Anna Valerious's blog. It's not quite 'real' to me, yet and I'm sure there are countless numbers of people who are just as stunned as myself.

I don't even know what to say except 'thank you' to kathy for having the courage to use her powerful voice to help other people.

She will be deeply missed...


14 May, 2008 23:51  
Anonymous Barbara said...

Shocked - she was so young!

16 May, 2008 08:46  
Blogger Stormchild said...

Jordie, CZ, Barbara... all I can do is agree with all of you. It still doesn't seem real to me, either.

She had so much still to say, and she said things so clearly.

Such a loss.

Hugs to all,


16 May, 2008 21:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been checking her site daily, looking for a new post. I had no idea and am in shock.

I came across her site when searching for insight into my relationship with my soon to be ex narcissist. I actually posted a few times in response to her articles.

She will be missed.

11 July, 2008 09:31  
Blogger Stormchild said...

Yes she will.

Anna Valerious at "Narcissists Suck" [link at right] is, I believe, doing a memorial project to preserve Kathy's posts, in case her Web sites are shut down eventually.

The best memorial we can give Kathy, I think, is to remember her, to quote her work [which keeps her name alive], and to try to face the ugly realities of abuse and abusers with the same guts and grit that she showed. She was a trailblazer...

... and you are so right. She will be missed.

11 July, 2008 23:16  

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