26 December 2009

Merry Christmas; Forgive Me for A Bit Of Self-Indulgence!

After recently escaping a near 24/7 life-devouring job (that I was enticed into as a "promotion" - hah), I've been decompressing for a couple of months now; but it looks as though I'm still prone to nitrogen narcosis. Here's the proof.

This is one of the most amusing series of caricatures I have seen in a long time. Not merely for the illustrations - although Honoré Daumier's little sarcastic sculptures will forever hold first place for me in that regard - but for the characterizations, and the subject.

It's a Field Guide to Message Board Trolls and Other Wildlife, by a fellow named Mike Reed, and oh, dear Lord, it's all true. As soon as I figure out which one of these is me, I'm going to add a link to the site in my sidebar. Meanwhile, forgive me for this slightly snarky self-indulgence. God knows, I've earned it.


Edit in: OK, I confess, I was a kind of hybrid between Eagle Scout and Diplomat, myself, back in the day. Female version. Leaning more to Diplomat than Eagle Scout, with predictable results... but when cornered by Howlers or Cyber Sisters, I tended to morph into Archivist.

Thank goodness not all cyberspace denizens are as dysfunctional as Mr. Reed's portrayals. But plenty of them are, and it's extremely useful to have an accurate, comprehensive Field Guide in these casees. So go see his site, go, go. I've added both it and his serious professional site to the sidebar...

...and anyone who enjoyed the Daumier sculptures linked above, please check out Mr. Reed's serious work.

You will NOT be disappointed; I was entranced.

Merry Christmas, yet again.


Blogger CZBZ said...

A Field Guide to Message Board Wildlife!!


I am laughing way too much viewing Mr. Reed's website. Maybe it would be wise to caution old veterans like myself: READING THIS WEBSITE MAY CAUSE ABDOMINAL INJURIES, TEAR-STAINED CHEEKS, SNORKELS, CHORTLES, AND AGONIZING HAHA'S. ARM YOURSELF WITH KLEENEX BEFORE READING!!

O dear...did I write that in ALLCAPS??

This link came just in time to save me from the holidays. We may have been talking face-to-face but I swear Nanny showed up with Nitpick, Profundus Maximus, and Thyphoid Mary.


CZ "The Admin", who, as a courageous captain, refused to walk the plank when a Rebel Leader organized a mutiny and jumped ship. Lots of courageous pirates barely escaped my evil clutches, so dangerous and brutish am I.

ROFL...laughter puts things into perspective! Thank you!

27 December, 2009 16:54  
Blogger Stormchild said...

:-) glad you liked it! Ai yi yi, I was rolling on the floor.

I was kinda wishing he'd made female versions of Nanny and Admin to go along with their male counterparts. Be nice to buy a signed print for your wall, yes?

BTW, I've sent Mr. Reed an additional specimen, and am contemplating sending one more, both captured during my jungle forays of long ago.

But I'm going to keep hush, let's see what shows up in the Next Edition. ;-) I'll fess up if my entry/ies make/s the cut :-D

Meanwhile, do go look at his serious work - especially the sketches for the Minneapolis Opera's production of La Bohème [I hope the accented e comes thru when I post this]. You will love them...

... and I am haunted by the fact that I thought of Daumier in connection with Mr. Reed's humorous work BEFORE I saw ANY of his serious work...

[cue up Theme from Twilight Zone]

27 December, 2009 17:20  

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